House Rules

We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to our upcoming performances at Snow Concert Hall.
Please arrive at least 30 minutes before each performance to ensure a smooth start to the evening.

Dress Code : The recommended dress code for the evening is elegant attire. Feel free to dress in a manner that makes you comfortable.

Ticket Confirmation : Please ensure that you have your ticket(s) printed or saved on your device for admission to the concert. If you have purchased multiple tickets, make sure your entire party is present to enter the venue together. Please note, the hall has no reception however you will be able to login to guest wifi. It is advised you download and save your tickets before arriving at the hall.

Arrival and Parking : The venue offers limited parking facilities. Where possible we recommend using taxis, Uber or public transport. A drop-off point is available in the main car park off Monaro Crescent. Please review the MAP for parking details. We advise arriving early to allow sufficient time for parking and finding your seat.

Seating : Your ticket includes a specific seat allocation which will be clearly indicated. Ushers will be available to guide you to your designated seat. Late arrivals will be accommodated during suitable intervals to minimise disruption.

Photography and Recording : Please refrain from photography, audio, and video recording during the concert. It ensures a distraction-free environment for both performers and fellow guests.

Mobile Devices : Please switch off or set your mobile devices to silent mode before entering the concert hall. This will ensure an uninterrupted and immersive musical experience for everyone in attendance.

Noise and Disturbances : In order to maintain the utmost respect for performers and fellow guests, we kindly request that you minimise any unnecessary noises during the concert. If required ushers will have on hand throat lozenges.

Children : To maintain a serene environment for all concert attendees, we kindly request that you ensure children are supervised and kept calm throughout the performance. Please note: all minors require a ticketed seat.

Intermission : There will be a brief intermission during the concert, providing an opportunity to stretch your legs and visit the restrooms or refreshment area, where light snacks and beverages will be available for purchase. There will be an opportunity prior to the concert to pre-order intermission refreshments to avoid the queues.

Accessibility : The venue is equipped with facilities to accommodate individuals with accessibility needs. Ushers are able to assist.

If you or any of your guests have accessibility issues that make it difficult to navigate long distances, we recommend utilising the designated drop-off area near the entrance of the venue (Entrance A). Please review the map for parking details.

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